The Startup Accelerator Program

Our program has been created by one of the industry’s most successful Startup entrepreneurs and is designed to get you the business model, traction and investment you need. In just 12 weeks you will develop a business model, prove you are developing a product or service customers want, build a minimum viable product (MVP) and communicate progress to advisors and investors.

In the 12 week intensive program we will cover topics including:

  • Business Modelling using Ash Mauyra’s Lean Canvas methodology
  • Traction and customer insights
  • Branding and marketing
  • Financial modelling
  • Pitch coaching
  • Corporate engagement

All content will be delivered from leading national and international mentors who are experts in their fields.

Here’s what you get:

  • 12 week structured program that provides education and support
  • An additional three month incubation program focused on driving results
  • HCF is Australia’s largest not for profit health fund. Being a HCF Catalyst participant provides the potential opportunity to work with a large, engaged customer base
  • Seed investment and the opportunity for next-round investment from the Slingshot Venture Fund
  • Event participation, marketing support, legal and financial advice
  • The best mentors matched to you and your Startup
  • Access to HCF business units and senior staff
  • Backed by influential partners and sponsors
  • Access to investors in Australia and overseas
  • Support, access, infrastructure, belief and critical appraisal

A successful Startup application:

  • Has an idea that aligns to one of the HCF Catalyst themes
  • Has a fantastic team
  • Has or is able to deliver an MVP within three months of starting
  • Has global aspirations


HCF have identified a range of themes that they want Startups and Scaleups to develop.


If you’re ready to take your health tech idea from concept to MVP then the HCF Catalyst Accelerator program is for you.


HCF Catalyst also has a program to suit Scaleups needing a large customer base.


Got some questions you need answered? View our FAQ’s here.

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