MyBeepr was born in Sydney in 2016 with one simple goal in mind: empowering healthcare providers and medical staff to securely communicate with each other.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where every bit of communication and data we transmit through our phones and computers is owned and controlled by some unknown company in an unknown place which can be scary. This is why we created MyBeepr. MyBeepr provides a powerful team communication experience across all devices. We complement a simple user experience with advanced security architecture to deliver the latest in communication technology to the healthcare world.

Today we are dealing with some of the largest hospitals around Australia who rely on MyBeepr to make communication in healthcare simple, secure and efficient.

Company Founder

Krupa Bhagani received a degree in Commerce/Law and is also a qualified Chartered Accountant. Beginning her career in Tax law at PricewaterhouseCoopers, she soon realized her passion for all things technology and entrepreneurialism and commenced working in product strategy for a boutique software engineering company; working for some of Australia’s leading startups.

Krupa having been introduced to the healthcare system when caring for her terminally ill father for several years, believes the health industry may not need a SnapChat for Doctors but with the fragmented use of pagers, phone calls, SMS and emails there’s a need for an easy to use and secure tool that integrates all these methods, making the patients’ and the doctors’ experience a lot more pleasant.

Kruti is a bit of a chameleon, forever learning and adapting. After graduating from B Commerce, she commenced her career in Corporate Advisory at Deloitte and soon after making her move to the UK with Goldaman Sachs. Somehow, her passion for strategy led her to starting her first ever startup, which she exited in 2014.
Forever trying to change the world, Kruti always comes up with brilliant ways of doing things better, which has led her to her current role to improve communication in healthcare. After personally experiencing the lack of efficient communication between doctors and patients when caring for her terminally ill father, she’s looking to make an impact in the healthcare industry.

Dr Vikram Balakrishnan is a training Colorectal Surgeon. Dr Balakrishnan completed his International Baccaulareate and achieved a perfect score, placing him amongst the top students in the world. He completed his medical training at the University of Melbourne, and immediately gained entry onto the General Surgical Program, successfully accomplishing his Fellowship. He subsequently is undertaking specialist training in Colorectal Surgery.
Throughout his training, Dr Balakrishnan has noticed a significant deficiency in hospital communication, and with working with his co-founders, he is looking to improve healthcare communication technology and bring it to the 21st century.

Weekly Updates

Follow their journey as the founders share their actions, achievements, wins and learnings below.


Week 12


  • Wrap up – last week of HCF Catalyst. Founders of myBeepr had a moment……it’s come to an end.
  • Social media campaign underway.
  • Progress made regarding further hospital groups.
  • Continued preparation for Demo Day – pitch deck/pitch coaching etc.


Week 11


  • Attended HCF informal pitch session
  • Continue customer interviews/user interviews and internal team discussions regarding product road map.
  • Attended NewsCorp event on front end technologies. Networked with several founders of successful tech companies in Sydney and gained more of an understanding on what they are working on in the front-end space.


Week 10


  • Attended session on Government Grants and R&D incentives at PwC offices.
  • Further meetings with Pilot hospital
  • Customer interviews/user interviews


Week 9


  • Continued sales and marketing activities to pursue B2B opportunities and focus on traction.
  • Continued usability testing
  • Preparation for Demo Day – pitch deck/set the seal on business canvas/other admin.


Week 8


  • Attended pitch coaching from Slingshot’s Craig Lambert, ahead of Demo Day. Rehearsed our pitch. Fine tuned our delivery skills with focus on audience analysis.
  • Published several articles on security in healthcare on our website:
  • Whilst waiting on pilot protocol to be finalised, lengthy team discussions were had around other potential sites to conduct usability testing.
  • Planning and implementing other revenue verticals.
  • Met with another District to discuss myBeepr. Discussions have commenced regarding a potential pilot.


Week 7


  • Ramping up social media
  • Several coffee sessions booked with potential leads
  • Continued product testing to ensure pilot ready.
  • Discussions with pilot hospital continues.


Week 6


  • Focus on lead generation
  • Attended HCF Catalyst Accelerator Lunch. Met with HCF CEO Shaun Larkin and several other HCF staff members involved in the Catalyst program. Locked in potential leads.
  • Product testing to ensure pilot ready
  • Finalised landing page/website.
  • Preparation for Demo Day – pitch deck/set the seal on business canvas/set up data room and other admin


Week 5

First pitch coaching session with Craig Lambert


  • Discussed and finalised implementation strategy for pilot
  • Drafted and finalised Privacy Impact Assessment to corroborate myBeepr’s Australian Privacy Law compliance.
  • Product testing underway to ensure pilot ready


Week 4


  • Completed product demo. Great feedback from audience.
  • Sign off received on trial agreement and now just finalising trial protocol.
  • Rebranding finalised to myBeepr
  • Social media campaign underway – FB and Twitter.


Week 3

Enjoying our new office space at Wotso Pyrmont


  • MVP (iOS and Android)ready to take to market.
  • Changed name from eText to myBeepr – rebranding underway.
  • Product demo day organised for a major tertiary hospital.


Week 2


  • Continued search for a new CTO – job is advertised on Angel Co
  • iOS product MVP ready to take to market
  • Demonstration days and trials arranged with hospitals and doctors


Week 1


  • Began searching for another developer/CTO
  • Had important commercial discussions and set dates for demonstrations
  • Rebranded – we are now MyBeepr as the .com for Etext was unattainable
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