Perx Health

Perx was founded in July 2016, to develop an engaging rewards platform which motivates people to engage with their health daily. We are focused on motivating people with chronic conditions to take their medication as prescribed by health professionals. We achieve this by using behavioural psychology and gamified rewards delivered via an easy-to-user mobile app.

The Perx app reminds, educates and monitors the user’s medication regime but most importantly gives users the opportunity to earn rewards every time they stick to their schedule, providing instantaneous feedback to develop positive habits. It also provides useful insights to the user about their habits and adherence to their schedule, information which can also be shared with health professionals, families or carers.

Perx will partner with various stakeholders in the healthcare system who will benefit from improved engagement by their consumers with their condition and medication regime. We enable these partners to motivate, retain and engage their customers on a regular basis.

Our vision is to create a platform which allows stakeholders in the healthcare system better engage and interact with patients as consumers. In doing this we hope to motivate patients to better health outcomes, improve healthcare service delivery and create real value for our partners.

Company Founder

Scott has a background in private equity investing and corporate finance. At Perx, he takes responsibility for the customer, sales and marketing and finance functions, working to understand the needs of our users, engage with partners and ensure that all the numbers stack up. Together, Scott and Hugo manage the strategic direction and B2B relationships of Perx.

Prior to founding Perx, Scott worked at CHAMP Private Equity, one of Australia’s leading private equity investment firms. At CHAMP he worked as an Associate on the investment team assessing prospective opportunities and managing several of the existing portfolio companies. During his time at CHAMP he was involved with the fund’s investment in Pepperstone Group; an online foreign exchange and CFD trading platform as well as several other prospective deals in the industrials, FMCG and transport sectors. His involvement with Pepperstone provided him with experience working alongside a high-growth company as well as an appreciation for consumer engagement strategies and the importance of understanding the drivers behind customer behaviour.

Scott started his career as an Analyst at Macquarie Capital, Macquarie Group’s corporate advisory and investment banking business. In this role, he provided advice to clients on mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and capital management initiatives across a wide range of industry sectors including healthcare, education, agribusiness, engineering & construction and commercial services. This experience gave him a good grounding in corporate finance and business strategy.

Scott has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney, majoring in Finance and Economics. He has had an active interest in behavioural economics since university studies. In his spare time he enjoys surfing, playing and watching rugby and keeping fit.

Hugo has a background spanning consumer businesses and technical development. At Perx, he takes responsibility for the product whether that is mapping out the features that will engage consumers daily, ensure that feedback is being incorporated or planning the functionalities that will deliver value to business customers. Together, Hugo and Scott manage the strategic direction and B2B relationships of Perx.

Prior to founding Perx, Hugo was an Associate at McKinsey & Company, a leading global management consulting firm. During his time at McKinsey he provided business strategy advice to large companies on established and new businesses. He was also part of the Consumer Practice consulting on marketing, sales and operations in Retail, CPG, Retail Banking and Gaming industries. Specifically, Hugo helped developed consumer tactics including promotions, partnerships and product development to drive engagement and revenue growth.

Hugo has a combined Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance and Bachelor of Advanced Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Sydney. Whilst at university, he built software products for both coursework and commercial applications at Rolls-Royce Engines. Always torn between business and engineering, Hugo spends his weekends catching up on business strategy books and the latest tech gadgets, with surfing and miscellaneous fitness challenges for balance.

Matt is an award-winning mobile and online game developer and is highly-skilled across a range of programming languages. Matt manages the technology development at Perx working on the design and functionality of the Perx app.

Matt started his tech career running an eCommerce website but soon began focusing on building fun mobile apps. This led him to game development and he has worked for several online and mobile game development companies including LOL Games, Keywords Studio, Limpid Logic and Pretty Simple. He has developed a highly-valued skillset creating award-winning games that millions enjoy. During his time at Pretty Simple he was part of the team which developed Criminal Case; a top 20 game for Facebook, Google Play and Apple app store with over 10 million average monthly users. He has experience working across multi-disciplinary teams of producers, artists, gameplay designers and tech developers to create the highly engaging, popular game experiences for users.

Matt has also founded several start-ups with a focus on game development or audio recognition. These include Knowbot, Lango and Smileypop. He is passionate about creating new technology that helps people and is excited to help Perx achieve its goal of motivating people towards better health.

Matt graduated from the University of West Florida in 2005 with a B.A. in International Studies. He’s lived in the United States, Australia, France and Japan, and is fluent in Korean. He spends his spare time travelling to new places and learning new languages.

Weekly Updates

Follow their journey as the founders share their actions, achievements, wins and learnings below.


Week 12

Our new office


  • No long weekends in startup life – on Monday we drove up to Newcastle to deliver a product demonstration to the clinical team of a major private health insurer
  • HCF Catalyst Program wrap-up with some great advice from Trent Bagnell on managing the next few months, looking towards raising seed investment and reflecting with the Slingshot team on what we’ve achieved over the last 3 months
  • Organised our move out of the HCF Catalyst co-working space into our own suite (also in the WOTSO Workspace building)


Week 11


  • Product demonstration for another global pharmaceutical manufacturer – successfully turned around “fact-finding” meeting to discussing potential commercial pilot
  • Advance documentation discussions with local hospital group with regards to running a pilot
  • Pitched to HCF CEO John Barrington and Chief Strategy Officer Sheena Jack – went really well and starting to feel ready for Demo Day
  • Really productive brainstorming session on the user journey and customer experience with a start-up growth specialist on Friday


Week 10

App Reviews


  • Flew down to Melbourne to meet with a global pharmaceutical manufacturer to discuss how Perx could work with their key brands
  • Delivered a product demonstration to a potential investor and advisor
  • Met with a supplier of GP practice management software to discuss a potential partnership
  • Final pitch coaching session with Craig from Slingshot before the pitch to HCF management next week!


Week 9


  • First meeting with another major health insurer, product demonstration booked for after Easter
  • Met with HCF to talk about upcoming Demo Day and strategy following conclusion of the Catalyst program
  • Introductory discussion with potential adviser and investor


Week 8

First App Download


  • Launched on the App Store (check us out at:
  • Connected with another major pharmaceutical manufacturer – meeting set-up for two weeks time
  • Attended second Slingshot Pitch Coaching session – working to refine the structure and slides for our Demo Day pitch
  • Recruited a new business development intern, Mia



Week 7


  • Follow up meetings with two leading branded pharmaceutical manufacturers and a leading health insurer
  • Implementation of new website design
  • Transfer of hosting services across to Amazon Web Services
  • Met with Medicines Australia to confirm regulatory requirements
  • Submission of the Perx app to the App Store


Week 6


  • Attended HCF Catalyst mid-program event – productive conversations with HCF CEO Shaun Larkin and Chief Benefits Officer Cindy Shay
  • Meeting in Melbourne with leading generic pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Check-in with medical advisory board
  • Rigorous QA testing and debugging of the Perx app prior to App Store launch next week


Week 5

Team photoshoot


  • Meetings with several business mentors with experience in pharmaceutical companies, medtech commercialisation and attended Slingshot’s Corporate Ready workshop ahead of major commercial meetings
  • First meeting with leading branded pharmaceutical manufacturer, follow up meeting with key brand managers locked in two weeks time
  • Implementation and finalisation of UI/UX redesign


Week 4


  • Set up commercial meeting with generic pharmaceutical company
  • Opportunity to engage Slingshot mentor panel with major business risk – gaining medical validity but remaining agile
  • Pitch coaching workshop with Slingshot
  • Attended the Diabetes NSW & ACT Live Your Life Expo at Penrith – a great opportunity to engage with end users and recruit test users


Week 3


  • Progressed design of pilot program with a local hospital group
  • Met with Chief Pharmacist of leading pharmacy banner group in Canberra
  • Set up commercial meetings with three leading pharmaceutical companies
  • Launched Perx Community story on Priya Sharma, an early test user
  • Founders agreed to bring forward App Store launch to final week of March to smooth conversion from recruitment channels to sign up


Week 2


  • Company rebrand to Perx Health to clarify brand and purpose
  • Started redesign of UI with a focus on increased gamification of the UX
  • Set up and implemented first experiment to test potential recruitment channels: social media, in-app referrals, GPs, specialists, pharmacists and website contact form
  • Integrated medication database with SNOMED – best practice and aligned with Australian Digital Health Agency


Week 1


  • Matt joined Perx as Lead Developer bringing significant iOS and game development expertise
  • Used the Lean Canvas methodology to outline business model and identify riskiest assumptions
  • Provided feedback to Diabetes NSW & ACT on user testing and secured support for MVP grant
  • Engaged with potential medical advisory board members
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