The brainchild of co-founder and scrub nurse Beth Wozniak, ScrubIT is an app that assists operating theatre staff to collect the items and instruments that are required by a doctor to perform surgical operations.

Company Founder

Paul Fisher, 30, has been a Newcastle local all his life. Graduating with a Diploma in Software Development in 2008, Paul has worked and excelled in the areas of Information Technology and Software Development for close to ten years.

In 2016, Paul launched a rapid development platform called Liveapp, which is aimed at making the process of developing web apps easy. This platform powers the technology behind ScrubIT, a new venture he started with scrub nurse Beth Wozniak and his long time colleague, Lloyd Davies.

Initially a hobby to get him through his maths degree Lloyd started his professional career as a musician. But while doing a job that involved collecting on bad debts (as musicians do) he stumbled across the power of computers to do cool things and since then he has not looked back.

That was 20 years ago and ever since Lloyd has been designing, developing and deploying software solutions.

In 2006 Lloyd started a business of his own as a Microsoft ERP Channel partner where his excellent leadership and management skills came to the fore and he enhanced his ability to create strong personal relationships with staff and clients.

Lloyd’s wife reckons he is a bit of a dreamer and in 2015 Lloyd sold his business in pursuit of ‘doing what you love’. This meant Lloyd returned to using computers for cool things, like creating solutions that are simple and easy. In fact being ‘simple and easy’ is the mantra Lloyd lives by in all parts of his life.

Right now Lloyd is having a great time focusing on the growth of ScrubIT and immersing himself in the startup culture.

More than just a passionate solution solver Lloyd is Janie’s husband and the father of their 2 girls who are 15 and 9 years old. He also loves Cooks Hill Surf Club where he is a patrol captain, IRB driver and trainer and a Nippers co-ordinator and where he can be found every morning taking a swim before the day gets going.

The journey that led Beth, 29, to her love of healthcare and innovation began in Townsville Queensland. After simply reading a book on primary health care Beth knew she needed to formalise her interest and undertake formally recognised study. Beth began her Degree in Nursing Science at James Cook University in 2007 during which time she gained a strong interest for the Peri-Operative field.

In 2013 Beth moved to Newcastle where her dream to work in the fast paced clinical environment of Operating Theatres was met. Beth loved her new position and her passion grew stronger every day however she began to notice a dangerous recurring trend. Beth could see that theatre setups were constantly incorrect or incomplete and she was determined to find a solution. It was at this time that the idea for ScrubIT was born.

In 2016 Beth’s idea became a reality when she, (with the help of Co-Founders Lloyd Davies, and Paul Fisher) were able to implement ScrubIT in the operating theatres of a hospital in Maitland. Beth has since devoted her work full time to ScrubIT where she dreams to one day revolutionise and therefore optimise surgical setups all over the world.

In her free time Beth loves spending time boating or fishing with her husband and two children aged 5 and 9. She loves music and a good chick flick on a rainy day.

Weekly Updates

Follow their journey as the founders share their actions, achievements, wins and learnings below.


Week 10


  • Pursuing B2B sales and marketing opportunities.
  • Have gained potential Customer IT approval so process can move forward.
  • Have arranged further discussions with industry supplier for potential partnership or collaboration



Week 8


  • Won the 2017 HCA Innovation Award. This includes a trip to the head offices of Luye Medical Group in China, an opportunity we plan on leveraging.
  • Finalised new branding
  • We are continuing with sales and marketing through direct channels as well as with Hospital groups and industry suppliers.


Week 7


  • Met with Sales mentor and given action items and direction
  • Finalised Branding
  • Introduced business coach to all co-founders


Week 6


  • Arranged meeting with medical supplier
  • Made contacts for sales and marketing consultants
  • Focus on traction


Week 5


  • Purchased .com domain
  • Met with local mentor/coach/investor
  • Moved App to AWS


Week 4


  • Revised pricing structure based on feedback from potential customers
  • Released a new website and social media campaign
  • Gathered evidence from existing customer and tested pathway to public hospitals with mentors – positive response


Week 3


  • Opened new office.
  • Presented at three76 Hub
  • Increased presence on Social Media


Week 2


  • Signed customer from marketing actions
  • Submitted proposal to group of hospitals
  • Post published by The Nurse Path (77,000 followers on FB) –


Week 1


  • Revised assumptions in pricing structure
  • Reviewed key metrics
  • Created solution experiment
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