What are the themes?

HCF have identified specific areas of their business that they want to develop, grow and offer to their members and the broader Australian community.  HCF Catalyst  themes have been developed incorporating those key areas of focus, HCF’s corporate objectives and current health tech trends.

In order to participate, your idea application must address one or more of these themes.

Making Health Care More Affordable

Ageing, chronic disease and the cost of new technology is driving up the cost of health.

Can you help to decrease health care costs or provide better value access to health services?

Making Health Care More Understandable

Data and knowledge is crucial in health care.

Can you empower consumers and health care providers with insight so they can make better decisions?

Delivering High Quality Health Care

Technology is continually improving standards of care.

HCF are interested in businesses that improve the quality of health care delivery and ultimately people’s health.

Making Health Care More Customer Centric

Today’s consumer expects high levels of service and user experience.

Are you helping to bring a more consumer focused, personalised and convenient approach to health care?


HCF have identified a range of themes that they want Startups and Scaleups to develop.


If you’re ready to take your health tech idea from concept to MVP then the HCF Catalyst Accelerator program is for you.


HCF Catalyst also has a program to suit Scaleups needing a large customer base.


Got some questions you need answered? View our FAQ’s here.

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