HeadsafeIP is the company founded to commercialise the Concussionometer concept, a portable, affordable, objective means of diagnosing concussion.

Company Founder

Dr. Cohen is an internationally acclaimed expert in remote area medical services, occupational medicine, international medical evacuation and emergency medical services. He has spent over 20 years in Emergency Medical Services in Australia and abroad specialising in Medical Risk Management, pre-hospital care, helicopter and international retrieval with a special focus on preventable head and neck injuries.

After experiencing firsthand the lack of understanding and awareness of effective treatments for head and neck injuries he published a “Guidebook for the Management of Acute Spinal Injuries” for medical and rescue personal, as well as lecturing locally and Internationally on this topic, later this was followed by “NeckSafe: the Acute Management of Spinal Injury”. Necksafe is a registered charity dedicated to the elimination of preventable head and neck injuries through advocacy, awareness, education and research.

As concussion became recognised as an important issue in its own right, he created the HeadSafe program in 2012. NeckSafe is the Not For Profit Charity he started over 20 years ago, and the NeckSafe and HeadSafe monikers are the labels under which they provide educational courses, promote awareness and advocacy and seek to research these important areas. He is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine, supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students in Ophthalmology and Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Cohen is an accomplished author, speaker and consultant, having worked in the prehospital environment on and off the sporting field, as well as in front of and behind the cameras for TV shows including “Survivor”, “The NRL Rookie” and “The Discovery Channel Eco Challenge”. He is the author of 4 books; “Necksafe: The Acute Management of Spinal Injuries”, “Immediate First Aid”, Survivor First Aid” and “Save Your Kids Life”. International speaking and media credits including appearances on “Oprah”, “CBS Early Show”, “Access Hollywood”, “E!” and “The Discovery Channel”.