Mova is a mobile application that uses motion tracking technology to transform your smartphone into a wearable device. Aiming to be the athlete’s coach from the moment they step in the gym to the moment they step out, Mova guides and motivates its users so they can achieve a high-efficiency and high-quality workout.

The innovative technology makes it the first gym app that reacts to the user activity and responds accordingly. Mova is seizing the market opportunity by taking advantage of several trends – from consumer increasingly looking for cheap and effective solutions to faster achieve their fitness goals to a growing Australian wearables market.

Aleph, Afonso and Edwaldo bring their experience and passion for sports to help improve the lives of the 4.6 million Australians that hit the gym every week.

Company Founder

Neto was “that” kid that was always trying to sell his friends something new. He likes to consider himself a hustler with hipster tendencies.

He started the Mechanical Engineer Bachelor at University of Santa Catarina in Brazil and was selected to an International Sponsorship Program awarded by academic merits and a lot of hustling. Neto choose Australia as his place to live.

Since exposed to the core concepts of entrepreneurship, his entrepreneurial initiatives gave him a range of awards in Hackathons, Pitch Competitions, and Innovation contests. He is obsessive about Growth Hacking, and New Business Development and he is fascinated about customer acquisition funnels and tactics.

He believes that anyone can achieve anything in life if they can solve people’s problems. Neto loves surf, martial arts, fitness, books, travelling and to learn new skills from different people, every opportunity is an opportunity to learn something new.